Mindmancer integrates additional Axis cameras


During this autumn, Mindmancer concluded the testing of surveillance cameras from the Swedish manufacturer Axis. All the tested models showed a high level of reliability, some additionally proved especially suited for intelligent camera surveillance in the harsh conditions experienced in Scandinavia.

– The characteristics of surveillance cameras that make them well suited for intelligent camera surveillance differs quite a bit from how humans experiences image quality. Our tests has shown that some of the tested cameras are excellent matches for intelligent camera surveillance and at the same time gives an excellent perceived image quality, says Victor Hagelbäck, CTO at Mindmancer AB. Technology keeps improving all the time and our view is that it is important that customers should be free to take advantage of new improvements instead of being locked in with a specific vendor brand.

The models P1425-E, P1425-LE and M3026-VE were deemed highly recommended for intelligent video surveillance in the tests. Support for the M3025-VE has also been added.

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