Romerike to choose intelligent camera surveillance


ROAF Romerike Avfallsfordelning serves 200,000 inhabitants in Norway and is the country’s largest communal recycling company. After an evaluation, Skan-kontroll won the procurement with Mindmancer’s intelligent camera surveillance.

What makes the procurement in Norway so special?
– ROAF is a big company, has the resources and the will to audit different solutions in a way that few companies and municipalities have opportunity to do. It makes this an external and impartial benchmarking of high standards, says Richard Radomski, Chief Partner Officer at Mindmancer AB.

Ruben Martinsen, head of department at Skan-kontroll. What made ROAF choose your solution?
– They picked us because of our overall service and the most innovative solution. We have our focus set on quality and functionality at a good price. Intelligent camera surveillance is a preventive security solution that will reduce the risk of intrusion, theft, vandalism and fire, Ruben Martinsen concludes.

What does this mean to Mindmancer?
– It is important to see partners, in Sweden as well as abroad, obtain big deals and procurements with our services. An internationalization of our technology is where the future growth is, says Johnny Berlic, CEO at Mindmancer AB.

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