Mindmancer goes Down Under!


Today, the 21st of September, the Mindmancer System will be launched on a new continent, when The Skydda Unit Trust becomes a reseller and will promote intelligent camera surveillance in Australia.

You are introducing Mindmancer’s services in Australia. How come?
– Mindmancer offers Security as a Service (SaaS) that gives the costumer active surveillance around the clock for a lower cost, says Per Nyström, CEO at Skydda. We see this a competitive and unique addition to the Australian market.

A new reseller and a new continent, how does that feel?
– It is really exciting with a brand new market for us, especially when it – literally – is a on the other side of the globe, says Richard Radomski, Chief Partner Officer at Mindmancer. Thanks to the Cloud and the Internet of Things, we at Mindmancer are available to offer our services any time, any place.

The press release in Australia: http://www.newsmaker.com.au/news/37022/intelligent-camera-surveillance-technology-capable-of-preventing-incidents

For further information:

Mindmancer AB
Richard Radomski, Chief Partner Officer
+46 31 789 40 01