Finland’s Red Cross chose Mindmancer


The current migrant crisis puts a high pressure on all European countries. In the Nordic countries, one asylum accommodation is being attacked each day and the refugees live under constant threat. The Red Cross in Finland is now protected with intelligent camera surveillance from Mindmancer.

Mindmancer’s reseller Verifi will deliver the first intelligent camera surveillance solutions for Finland’s Red Cross that will protect asylum seekers. The Red Cross has been engaged in receiving refugees since the 1990s and are today responsible for half of the country’s reception centres.

Mindmancer technology already protects asylum centres in Sweden. Compared to conventional guard services, intelligent camera surveillance is more cost-effective which makes it possible to protect more centres around the clock for less cost. This does not replace the need for guards, but they cannot be everywhere at the same time. With intelligent camera surveillance, the guard will be where you need then, when you need them.

The order is for two asylum accommodations with an open subscription length.

For further information:

Mindmancer AB
Johnny Berlic, VD
+46 31 789 40 01