Patric Broman is Mindmancer's new CIO


Mindmancer has recruited Patric Broman for the role as Chief Information Officer (CIO). We ask Johnny Berlic, the CEO of Mindmancer, what makes Patric such a valuable asset.
– When I met Patric, I immediately saw his enthusiasm to enrich both people and processes. That is – in my opinion – a rare combination. With Patric’s background at Hogia and experience with management, I saw a true talent that will bring Mindmancer much further.

Patric, why did you chose Mindmancer?
– The company is in a unique position with a unique product that will change our perception of surveillance. The true essence of digitisation.

What can you contribute to the organisation?
– I will build a scalable IT delivery system for our customers, both internal and external. The most important – and difficult – part is to not hamper the entrepreneurial drive with processes. With sure instinct and care we build a process driven organisation that does not inhibit the workflow.

How will you start?
– We will, from scratch, construct a fundament in ITIL according to EU directives, regulatory demands, and our costumers expectations of a safe, secure and high-quality delivery.

Patric will inherit some of Anna Borg’s previous tasks as she starts at Mindmancer’s Partner Section. You can read about her new adventures here.

Patric, welcome home!

You will reach Patric at +46(0)31-789 40 42 and [email protected].